Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Day/Cross Over Piece

Happy Halloween Everyone!In honor of the day I decided to paint a cross over piece. Here it is! I added a story line and attached it to the back of the painting. It goes like this: Santa w/Friends on Trick or Treat Night~~~~~ Santa has decided to go and visit his Halloween friends. He is holding onto a pumpkin lantern for those snowy nights. Notice "Mr. Boney and Mr. Devilish" are having a ball. They can't believe that it is snowing. They don't get a whole lot of snow on Trick or Treat night. Check out their Christmas sled that Santa made for them. It says, "Boo~tiful Christmas". These guys just love hanging out with Santa. He is normally so busy at the workshop. But he tries to remember to always make time on this day for fun, friends and candy. This piece is for sale on Ebay this week.

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Random York said...

Kim! Your designs are wildly imaginative and inspiring! Excellent! John