Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spending the day with Sophia!

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my favorite little friend Sophia. We started out having lunch at McDonald's. Of course, she wanted to play first then eat.

Then after lunch we made a trip to Joann Fabric's to find a craft to make together. Little kids are so funny. I forget how they are when it comes to buying things. She had a hard time making her mind up. There are so many different little craft projects for kids. She finally made a decision. We ended up with a Foam crown with stickers to add and a Sponge Bob Sand Art Kit. We had so much fun. She is such a little sweety.

Thanks for spending the day with me Sophia. I can't wait to do it again.


~dani~ said...

What a beautiful girl you are Sophia, my goodness! She looks soo happy. What a wonderful memory for both of you~

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Dani, She is the sweetest little thing. I love to spend that extra little special time with her. She is my next door neighbor's daughter so I get to see her all the time. But we don't do alot of stuff like this together. Her mom said she took her Sand Art to school the next day for show and tale. The very nexted day, she asked her mom if she could come over that day two. I think she had fun. She says she love to craft with Kim. She is truly one of my biggest fans when it comes to my Art. She likes to come over all the time and see what I am working on.