Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I have been working on for weeks!

It has been so long since I have had goods for sale in my Etsy Store. I thought it would be fun to produce a whole bunch of things and then announce that the store is up and running.

So here is a sneak peek of some of the things that will be available for sale in my store.





So stay tuned for the announcement of the store opened and ready for business!


Carmen said...

Wow, these are fantastic!!!



Anonymous said...

What a great group! I should do the same. My etsy shop has been opened now for several weeks and I still have nothing in it. Good Luck!!!

Carolee said...

These are sooooooooo fun! Your work always makes me smile!

~ Carolee

Kristen Beason Designs said...

The WIT! The WHIMSY! I love your new pieces!!!


Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh I just love your new pieces Kim! Goodness have been busy! They're all so much fun!

Melissa Valeriote said...

What a fun filled shop you'll have! Love these wild and crazy characters.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Thanks everybody! I am really motivated all of a sudden. It must be the new style that has me excited!

Can't wait to get the store up and running! I hope to have several different kinds of things for sale on Etsy soon!

Designs by CK said...

These are really great Kim! :)


Shonna said...

I just found your blog and I love your halloween stuff! I love halloween in general, but your art is amazing!!!!

Jenn said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I can't even stand how much I am in LOVE WITH THEM ALL!!! totally amazing Kim!!!


Victorian Lady said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for the Memorial Day post! Hope you had a good one too! :) I LOVE your new guys! Especially the swirly cheeks on the ringmaster guy! It must be so fun to be you and have these ideas in your head! :)

Anyway, I am sending your package tomorrow! Sorry it has taken a while, but there is a surprise in sure to look for it! :)


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Chris, Shonna, Jenn and Mere!

Thanks for stopping by and posting such wonderful comments. I truly appreciate them.

Have a great weekend. Off to camp for several days! See you guys when I get back!


*retro-rudolphs* said...

GREAT pieces Kim, I adore them all!


~dani~ said...

Yikes..I covet them all!! Great Great Great job!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Great faces on these characters!!! I'm going to check them out on your etsy. I really have to get back to work and put something new in my shop.

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hiya Kim~
Hope you're not being attacked by yetis during your nature excursion. If you're holed up in the cabin with nothing to do, check my blog for details. Consider yourself tagged!


Heather said...

Oh my...these are awesome!! Halloween is my favorite holiday!

Sam I Am said...

hi Kim!
I LOVEEEEE the pics of your 'adventure"..i wanna go there and play with the toads and snakes!!!! :)
LOVIN" your new creations... they will sell QUICK they are so adorable!