Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Christmas in June?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure you all are aware of how my past weekend went. Not good. Christmas could not of come at a better time. Today was a wonderful day. I received the most absolute fabulous Halloween painting in the world. Laurie Hardin and I crossed paths several weeks ago. She emailed me with a problem she was having with her papier mache. The email was pretty detailed about all the problems she was having. At the end of the email she left her phone number. I thought it would be much easier to just call her and try to help her over the phone than to try to email back and fourth. I honestly didn't think twice about calling. I saw the number after reading the email and called her right away. We spoke for some time on the phone. It ended up that she uses a different product that I do. So I don't really know how much help I truly was at that time. But she seemed like a really nice person. Our conversation just flowed like we had known each other for years. Laurie is truly one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. To think of mailing me a wonderful gift for something that I really didn't even think twice about truly shows what kind of person this women is.

I am so excited about my painting. Just look at what I got. Yep! Little oh me!! Can you guys believe it. It is Christmas in June.

Laurie I can't thank you enough. My mouth just dropped open with such excitement. He is wonderful. I love love love love him!!!!!! I can't thank you enough. You truly didn't need to do that. I was just so glad that any little bit of advise I could give would lead you in the right direction. It seems that your blog has taken off. You are getting to know alot of wonderful artists and bloggers. They are all kind and are always willing to help.

If I could reach you I would give you a big hug and a kiss. I really mean that. I can't thank you enough again. I have the perfect spot for my new painting. Oh my gosh I am so excited I have a Laurie Hardin Painting. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to Laurie Hardins blog and check out this wonderful woman's art. Get ready you will be aw struck for sure!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

You Lucky girl....I just ADORE her work!

Debbie Egizio said...

Wow, that was very nice of her to send that fabulous painting and it was also very nice of you to be so generous with your time and advice. I love the blog world!! So many wonderful people out there! Take care. ;) Deb

*retro-rudolphs* said...

darn it... I am so jealous!!

Designs by CK said...

Lucky U Kim! ~ Laurie is SO sweet as are U! :-)