Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EEK! A Spider

This morning I decided to start working kinda early. I went down into the dark scary basement where I craft. Things were going well and I am off to a good start. I was working on a SpookyTimeJingle piece when out of the corner of my eye I see something move. This something wasn't some little something. My fear would be that it is some big huge fuzzy spider. But I didn't quite get a good look at him. He managed to move quit quickly. Now my only concern is that I am down there all the time working. If it is a spider! OMG! It could be the mommy and there is a daddy and tons of kids! Help! I certainly don't want my fear to get the best of me. I have a huge phobia about spiders. I would much rather see, hold and play with a snake any day. But spiders! I think they are sneaky and gross.

I just need one more look at him! Please! Because in my mind this YOUTUBE video is what I think he looked like. But lets all hope not. I might not be able to work until he is dead and gone. I am off to go put some shoes on. Like that is really going to help. If he decides to crawl on me it's all over shoes or no shoes!!!!OMG! Gotta go I hear footsteps! You don't think that could be him do you! EEK!

What's your fear?! Share with me what your phobia's are.


Marie Patterson Studio said...

ewwwww big ugly spider! However what I fear most are snakes!!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Marie! I don't mind snakes. I use to play with them when I was little. Maybe that is why they don't bother me. But spiders. Yuk! They freak me out! And Bad!


~dani~ said...

Oh for the love of God woman!!! That spider is enough to put me into cardiac arrest! Big dark spiders-FREAK ME OUT! But my all-time...could toss myself off a roof to avoid critter is the centipedes! I hate those thousand leggers...they move so scary fast and get huge...and all their legs make them looky hairy! We have them here on the east

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Well Dani! I think and I hope that is all it was! A 1000 legger! I know it wasn't a mouse. I know it moved super fast and it had legs. I am o.k. with those kind of spiders but growing up in Oklahoma and seeing a ton of tarantuala in my day. No thank you. I think this one had it's own zip code it was that big. I have been nervous all day. Looking for him. He better not show up and he better know I am not giving any prizes away for being the biggest. The only thing he will see is my big bad hubby. He will squish him dead! At least I hope so!

Anonymous said...

eeekk!! that is a huge spideer I would be freaken out if that was what was stalking you! lol Hmm I think my worse fear is sharks, snakes, centipedes, scorpions, and dark water taht I cant see the bottom of. lol wow thats a lot of fears I am sure there are more. Get a can of bengal and be prepared!! lolhugs


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Sarah, I now what you mean about black water. You never know what might be down there. Like swimming in the ocean is a little scary.

I still haven't seen my little scary friend. Maybe he went back home. We can all hope so. He is not welcome in my home. No matter how nice he might be.


Leticia said...

Hi Kim, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my site. Fun Halloween art- you're very talented. O.K. my phobia: enclosed spaces

P.S. Please thank your handsome son for his service

Joanne Kennedy said...

I think you are so funny! You need to watch the movie Charolett's Web. It made me get over my fear of spiders. Now when I see one I say "Hi Charolett!" and let her be. Plus think of all the other yucky bugs they eat.

I'm sure that tiny little spider is way more scared of you then you are of it.

OK, you want to know what my fear is. Don't laugh ok. I hate fish. I don't know why. The thought of them sucking on me or the slimmy little body touching me makes me freak out.



Jackie said...

WHat a hoot...I laughed out loud reading your post! I am so afraid of open water. Ya know, when your in the lake and your alone, like when the boat is going away about to pull you up to water ski....I actually went into shock once. I guess it's because of how small we actually are....not so much scared of the creatures under the water...just the massiviness! Take care, Jackie

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Leticia, Thanks for the visit. I don't have fear of small spaces but I do in my dreams if that makes since. I should look that up.

I will thank B for you! Thanks for that! He signed up for 4 years. He just started. It's going to be a long road I think.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Joanne, You are too funny! Fish! Do you eat fish? I could see being in a lake and one coming up on you and taking a little nibble. That would freak me out. I bet you don't go fishing either. Yuh?

My little friend is no way as cute as Charolett on Charolett's Web. I did see that movie and she was sweet. Such a loving little spider. Now that is in the movies. That's not reality. This spider is out to get me. You know the sneeky kind. The kind that is going to crawl on you when you least except it. I will try to think of him being more afraid of me. Yeah that's it! I'm big and he is little. Right! Right! O.k. still not convinced!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Jackie, I know what you mean. I just went to the lake a few weeks ago and I can definetly understand how you feel. I didn't go sking but I have been many times. I am always afraid that some boat might not see me and hit me. But our lake and oceans are big. Ard we sure are little. You Just have to be a good swimmer or have a good vest to hold you up.

Thanks for the visit!

Laurie Hardin said...

Luckily no huge phobias, but I don't like leeches, ticks or slimy slugs. I can take them off of people, pets or remove them from the garden, I just don't like them.

MaryEllen said...

Hi Kim,
So nice to hear from you! I love your art! Thanks for adding me to your Blog list, I will be adding your blog to my list of favorites too!
EWWWHHH SPIDERS!... don't get me started. On my Blog, a couple posts back "The first three months"... talks about my "invasion" of bugs and creepy crawly things in my new apartment, and how I'm always looking around, waiting for some never before seen species to crawl up the wall. I thought when I moved, I would not have to deal with the "scariest and creepiest" of them all..... da da dddaaahh!!!.... THE CENTIPEDES!!!!!.. (CUE THE BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS!)...OMG!!! I'm with DANI on that one!! It seems they liked to come crawling... fast.. in the bathroom, when I was.. uh... not in a position to run!... so I'd grab whatever was in arms reach.. shampoo, mouthwash etc.. and try and kill it.. then.. ya gotta pick the darn things up! EEEEEEK!... I've put almost a whole roll of wadded up TP between me and "IT".. eeeeuohhhhhh BWWWAHHHHHHHH.. !
I don't think I could do the snake thing, but I'm not afraid of least I'd KNOW if a mouse was on me.
Please, PLEASE... come up from the basement!