Monday, December 15, 2008

What does Lucie want for Christmas? Chocolate or Wood?

I just had to share this with you all. I have a regular customer that has purchased some ornaments off me this Christmas season. She sent me an email the other day letting me know that her sweet little puppy dog got a hold of one of my Christmas ornaments that she bought off of me this past month. Well I was a little curious which one she got a hold of. Well all I can say is "Lucie" is so smart. How could she of known what kind of ornament she decided to have for the lunch that day. I can only imagine how her mom must of felt. But take a look at that face. How could you get made at something that looks as adorable as her. I am also enclosing a picture of what she decided to do to the orni. I think she was trying to satisfy her sweet tooth. The ornament was "Chocolate Kiss Head".



Christmas orni's 2008 071

Oh Lucie! I just want to give you a big kiss. Don't forget, "Stay away from Mommy's Tree"!


Allison Bartlett said...

Just saw your email about checking out your blog and when I arrived...there was my Lucie!! Just the kind of giggle I needed! Thanks for posting my BAD little girl and letting everybody know what a stinker she is! :o) No...I love her no matter what, but so sad Ms. Chocolate Kiss is gone!!

Designs by CK said...

Kim ~ Wishing you & yours a most magical holidays!!!

SpOOky CK (-:

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh Kim, that dog is adorable and her "Mommy" knew from that face that she was sorry for what she had done!!!! My sister's dog has interest in Christmas ornaments as well so hang the good stuff high!!!

Sorry your work was mistaken as lunch, but love you for being such a sport about it with Allison.

Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the coming New Year!!

Jackie said...

Aww..that puppy has such a cute face! I think he knows ;) Have a wonderful holiday!! Merry Wishes, Jackie

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Awwww! How could you get mad at such a sweet puppy! Yeah, she probably thought she hit the candy store jackpot when she saw the ornament and she just had to have it! Hope she didnt get a tummy ache.

Have a Wonerful and Merry Christmas!


Jenn said...

Merry Christmas Kim!! Wishing you lots of love, peace and joy in 2009:):):) many xoxox...jenn

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Kim, I hope you had a Merry Christmas!! How funny what Lucie did to that kiss ornament. She really munched it good! Love your Christmas collection. Happy New Year! Kristen