Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My new computer!

Well I was about to give up on my new computer. I bought it from Best Buy. I had them set it up for me so it would be ready to use when I brought it home. It took them over 7 hours. They said they were having some problems with it. Well anyway I got it home and plugged it in. I was so excited to use it that night. I had made some new items and I wasn't able to list them on my old computer. But I thought yeah this is my chance now. Well at least you would think so. My brand new computer wasn't working!!! I didn't know what was wrong. It was moving so slow just like my old one. I knew I couldn't have any viruses on it. It was new! Well I was on the the phone with Best Buy telling them of my problems and they told me to bring it back and they would look at it. I thought great another 7 hours. I did call my cable company however. I thought maybe they should check it out as well. I had them come out last night at take a peek. Sure enough it was my modem. That's all it was. It is perfect now. Moves so fast! Yeah! Finally! But now I was thinking, hey, maybe my other one wasn't broken all year it was just the modem all this time. Great! Oh well! I love my new computer anyway!

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