Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tagged for the Me Me Game

I have been tagged to play the MeMe Game by Mr. Chris! Which means it is about Kim! I guess this will be the only time I can really get away with saying that. Well here it goes:

8 Things I just adore and can't live without:
1) My husband Chuck
2) My Kiddo's
3) Friends/Family
4) Crafting
5) Magazines
6) Interior Design
7) Halloween
8) Just stuff ( you know stuff)

8 Things I dream about doing before I die or kick the bucket as they say:
1) See my children get married
2) Hold lots of grand babies
3) Travel
4) I would love to be a household name when it comes to my art
5) Have no debt/ Is that possible?
6) Own my own business
7) To be more organized
8) Hand my husband keys to a brand new car

8 Things I say often and that I wish I didn't say sometimes
1) Well
2) So
3) You Know
4) good, good, good
5) you go girl
6) oh no you didn't
7) honey
8) Chuck! I just fell up the steps again! Inside Joke!

8 Books: Well Guys I can't lie! I haven't look at a book in a few years. I don't have enough time to craft, clean house and cook. Let alone read a good book. I used to read alot. But I honestly can't remember any titles. I do however love to look at magazines. I could sit for days and days and not come up for air. It's not pretty!

8 Songs I could listen to over and over:
This one is tough as well. I listen to all music. So turn that radio on, I'm sure I will like it.

Finally 8 things that attract me to friends:
I love all my friends and boy are they so different from each other. It is honestly to hard to pick just 8. I think it really depends on the person and their personality. I guess it depends on what kind of mood I'm in too. I might want a quite friend today because I have had one of those days and just want to stare out in space, A friend that likes to shop because I ran out of money and I will help her spend hers instead, someone that is talkative because I just want to listen. But overall I would have to say a freespirit, loving, kind, good listener, happy, bonus if you are crafty, honest and someone that I can laugh with. You know the kind of laughter that makes you cry!

Now I am suppose to tag some people. Again I am new at this blogging. I only know just a few people that have blogs. And yes, all the people I would tag have been tagged already.

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DesignsbyCK said...

FUN read Kim! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading more about you! :)