Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Want to try and win something for free!!!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone! Some of you might not know that my Ebay group has it's own blog. This is the first time that our Ehag Art blog has decided to do a giveaway.

All the Artist's would like to say a big thank you to all the collectors and to anyone that has supported the group in the past. This is what they came up with, "A Blog Giveaway". There are a total of 14 wonderful Halloween artist's that are participating in this event.
So stop buy and leave a comment. You never know you just might win! Good Luck everyone and I hope you all have a "Ghoulish Halloween"!!!!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

I'm crossing my fingers,toes and eyes! hehehe

Designs by CK said...

Have fun at the giveaway!

Happy Halloween!

Chris :-)

suzanne.artist said...

Wonderful Ringmaster doll! Can't wait to take a look a the Giveaway!

Heather said...

exciting! I love a goulish giveaway :D